Laura Woodworth

TayTom and Mom

Jun 28 , 2016

After a whirlwind tour of Rhode Island, Nashville and England in the past few weeks, Taylor Swift and new love Tom Hiddleston are visiting Rome. The duo was spotted holding hands in the Colosseum Monday. Apparently Taylor has met Tom’s mom …

Calvin Harris thinks it's laughable" considering she NEVER met Calvin's parents during their 15-month relationship. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Calvin wanted Taylor to meet his parents, who live in the U.K., but Taylor always told him it was too far away. We're told Calvin was understandably "bewildered and astonished" when he heard about TayTom's visit to meet his mother, Diana ... in the freakin' U.K.!!

One source says Calvin thinks Taylor's cozying up to Tom to lock down a Bond girl role ... IF he becomes the new James Bond, as rumored.


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